Few people are able to come out boldly to express their opinions on matters they deem fit to be talked about. For some time now in the entertainment industry, artistes have been backlashed for their poor music video outputs. The secular artistes, however, have taken clues from these backlashes, and have endeavoured to have their music videos turn out quite well. But could same be said about gospel musicians? Some Ghanaians hold the view that most gospel musicians depend solely on the Holy Spirit, thus, spend little to nothing when it comes to their music and video productions. Although some artistes must be commended for their frantic efforts to make their music videos come out better, it nonetheless doesn’t take away the fact that a lot more needs to be done.

In a Facebook post by Mr Fred Kyei Mensah, popularly known as Fredima, he described Balm of Gilead, a music video by gospel musician EBA as the best gospel music video he’s ever seen in his 36 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Fred Kyei Mensah is an entertainment critic with vast experience in sound and video production. Having had many musicians come under his tutelage, his opinions on matters that relate to music and video productions indeed carry weight.

He added that, “technically the video is a world standard production and one that can win international awards and penetrate other foreign markets.” If this endorsement is anything to go by, then it comes to add some points to the gospel fraternity as this would mean that some have awakened from their sleep, and are up to the competitions with other music markets.

Well, opinion they say is like a nose; everyone has it. Uncle Fred may be right or wrong depending on the angle you may look at it. This is the link to the said video, watch it and let’s have your comments on it as well

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