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EBA is a sensational gospel musician with musical talents that aim to shape the world positively and transform lives. Known for his smooth and well-articulated voice, his songs which express deep emotions by divine power are able to win the lost to Christ, dispense God’s healing mercies and give hope to the hopeless.

Balm of Gilead

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E-BA isn’t just a gospel musician; he lives life to its fullest with God in mind. He spends precious time performing in churches and corporate organizations, teaching God’s word both on radio and in office spaces, makes time for personal fitness and hangs out with his friends as well.

We can't tell the world enough what is in us, we can only leave it out for them to see.

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Twitter users you can connect with me. I Tweet motivational or inspirational quotes and other things, which are very handy. These are great for getting retweets.